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Seamlessly Connecting Your Digital Wallet: Immutable X

Connect your MetaMask wallet

To start buying or selling NFTs in the Immutable Marketplace, follow the steps below to connect your MetaMask wallet.

1. In the Immutable Marketplace, click on 'Connect Wallet' in the top right corner.

2. Select 'MetaMask' in the ImmutableX window.

3. When connecting your wallet for the first time, an Immutable X Key will need to be created. Click on 'Get Started' to create this key.

4. In the MetaMask Notification window, select the account you want to use in the marketplace and click on 'Next'.

5. In the next MetaMask Notification window, click on 'Connect'.

6. Immutable will send a signature request to your wallet. Click on 'Sign' to authorize the connection.

7. Click on 'Set up key' to complete the set up.

8. Sign the request to link the Immutable X key in MetaMask.

9. Your setup is now complete and you've registered your MetaMask wallet with Immutable. Happy trading!

If you experience any issues, check out the common troubleshooting steps in Immutable's guides:

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